Do Yoga Be Yoga

Women's voices from the West Hampstead Women's Centre, London UK

Becka is excellent, I really enjoy her classes, I find them relaxing and also great exercise.  Yoga is really helpful for my back, my muscles and my joints.'

‘Becka is very respectful and kind, I’m a disabled woman and have experienced lots of medical problems, she helps alleviate my pain through the yoga classes. I really enjoy the class and look forward to coming each week.’

'I love attending the yoga class, Becka is a wonderful teacher, I feel rejuvenated as I leave the building and the feel-good factor lasts throughout the day. I feel like my balance has improved as a result of the classes and the postures we perform.’

‘I Love the yoga class with Becka each week, I find her easy to follow and she demonstrates things very clearly.’

'Becka’s classes are very good; they helped me relax and also let out my worries. I’m new to yoga and I’m going to continue as it’s an amazing practice that helps me get to know my body and its limits.'

A Well-being Weekend with Young Roots, London UK

A Member of Staff:

'Becka was great. She was quick to build a rapport with the group without telling them off and a natural calm emerged through the early breathing and stretching exercises. The group seemed to really enjoy themselves, and the timing at the end of the weekend was ideal to send everyone back to London relaxed.'

And from a young person:

'My favourite activity on this trip was yoga because it made me feel better, the only thing that could have improved the weekend was to have more yoga!'

Christina, Stockholm Sweden

I got to know Becka via Instagram some years ago and saw that she is a certified yoga teacher. I came to London for a long weekend and contacted her for a private lesson. Becka answered and was very engaged in making sure what kind of lesson I was looking for, what body parts I wanted to focus on and if I had any medical conditions. When I arrived and she opened the door I instantly felt I had come to the right place. Becka is glowing with positive energy ! The lesson was structured very well , she had adapted it to my wishes and guided me softly and professionally through it. It was well balanced class alternating between flowing and calming movement and I enjoyed every minute of it, including the parts that challenged me. The lesson inspired me to incorporate more flow into my yoga routines and I felt I took a lot of new poses and sequences with me. I will definitely contact her again for a lesson when I am next in London.

Katy, London UK

Becka’s classes are fantastic! After only one session my body felt as if it had a spring clean of all the cobwebs. Unlike the crowded and intimidating classes that I have been to, my one to one sessions with Becka allow me to fully appreciate the technicality of each pose and reap their full benefits. She has a very gentle way of correcting your postures and her presence in the room creates a very calming atmosphere. Her incredible yoga knowledge, infectious warmth and true passion mean that I enjoy every single minute of my classes. Yoga with Becka is a real treat and I am now hooked!

Trude, London UK

I started practicing yoga with Becka in October 2013 – it was great! She altered her pace to suit my level and was really helpful in adjusting my postures. I also found that because, like me, she is a runner, she was able to suggest additional poses and variations that worked well for my overall fitness.