Do Yoga Be Yoga

Becka offers private classes in your home or group classes for a variety of organisations and workplaces.

Visit the client page to see feedback on her classes & the breadth of her clients, please get in touch to discuss her hourly rate for these classes. 

Nicola teaches a Hatha yoga class at 1pm Wednesday at the Upper Room in Camden(£10)

Becka teaches Vinyasa- Flow Yoga - a dynamic, fluid form of yoga excellent for strengthening the body and the mind. Vinyasa classes are linked by the thread of the breath in a flowing style.

She provides Gentle Yoga for those looking for a more meditative and grounding experience. Suitable for students of any age and experience, who wish to practise gently and relax deeply. Also perfect for beginners and for those recovering from illness or injury.

She offers Dynamic Yoga for those looking for a more demanding, physical form of yoga. Be prepared to work hard and sweat.

Becka also offers Pre & Post Natal Yoga classes in the privacy of your own home.

Prices for private classes.

1 person (+teacher) is £40

2 people (+teacher) is £30 per person

3 people (+teacher) is £20 per person